Hair Jewelry

Hair Jewelry
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The Nomi Mermaid Crown - [Polished Angel Aura Clear Crystal Quartz Crown / Tiara] Bridal Crown Bridal Headpiece ET-5869188S-1553
$116.40 $58.90
Feather Hair Accessories Boho Hair Feathers DIY Kit Feather Extensions Bohemian Blue Green Purple Plume Extension x10 ET-S0888521-8151
Handmade item Materials: 1 blue disposable floss threader, Turquoise Brown Green Purple Fe..
$99.84 $14.55
Hair Feathers and Beads White Black Natural Color Feather Extension Bonded Tips Long Feather for Hair Real Feathers ET-55E48049-4596
Handmade item Materials: Feather Extension DIY Kit, 7 Real Rooster Feathers, 6 Skinny Feat..
$79.98 $15.64
Elven tiara diadem crown elven Queen Elf Leaf circlet Winter Wedding ET-3922S417-0078
Handmade item Materials: German silver, cupronickel, yellow brass Made to order ..
$496.11 $110.70
Wedding Hair Accessories Floral Headband Bridal Headband Wedding Headband rhinestone headband bridal hair piece bridal accessory ET-S9199066-5034
$116.68 $53.01
Gold Halo Headdress Chrome Halo Crown of Light Gold Aureola Gold Crown Headdress St. Mary Headdress Saint Headdress Madonna ET-S435413E-0864
$535.26 $113.03
Ravenskull Headdress - Gothic - Fantasy - Headpiece - Steampunk - Curiosities - Larp ET-8876S5SS-0831
Handmade item Materials: acrylfarbe, thermoplast Made to order Feedback: 306 rev..
$109.34 $50.84
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